Before Time

The Creators built the Realms and Planes and the Divine Space and created the three worlds within the Divine Space – the Living World, the Fey Lands, and the Shadowscape.

The Start of Time

At the start of time the All-Mother was created by the Creators and given dominion over the Divine Space and the three worlds they had created within it. For a time she was alone, but eventually she created the six Forces and gave them great powers.

The First Age – Age of Birth

The First Age started with the All-Mother creating the various creatures that inhabit the worlds. Later she created the All-Father and after a great quest he created the 9 Great Races and the Age of Birth came to its conclusion

The Second Age – Age of Growth

For a time the races lived in the Garden of Effay, but they grew restless and so the All-Mother opened a portal for each race to a climate that suited them. Some rumours say 10 portals were opened, where the 10th went and who took it is a matter of much speculation. The people left the garden, with most going through the portal to the climate the All-Mother picked for them, though every group had some of every race. The early days were hard for the people, unaccustomed to living a world that could be dangerous. The All-Mother and All-Father watched over the people but chose not to intervene directly. Instead they waited for a member of each race to prove their character through an act of heroism. The first of each race to do so was elevated to godhood and given many powers, though less than what the All-Father possessed. It was also during this age that most of the great gods of the Living World were created by the All-Mother.
For many centuries the people lived and built civilisations and dreamed and grew. Eventually they covered the continent and met each other again. The centuries of relative isolation resulted in a fear of the power of the other races and a disdain for their differences. War and hatred soon spread across much of the world. The Age of Growth ended when the patron gods of each race were drawn into the fighting.

The Great Desolation

Little is known of what happened in the first desolation beyond the fact that many of the most powerful deities battled across the face of the Living World and more than half of the population was lost in the battles. The face of the world itself was changed as great magics lifted parts of the world, raised volcanoes, and sank other parts beneath the waves. Eventually, the All-Mother grew weary of the damage done to her plans and stopped the world, forbidding any deity from setting foot on the world – though her ban did not extend to demigods or less powerful beings. She also took from the deities their near-immortality. They could now be killed by each other or even by mortals given the right circumstances.
Not wanting the world to descend back into chaos, she gathered up the survivors and separated them into two groups. Those whose hearts were not full of hatred or who had protected other races despite hating them, she returned to her garden. For the others she created a new world. The world was small and whilst not as beautiful or welcoming as the Living World, it wasn’t far from it. To that world she also banished the worst of the deities (though none of the patron gods). After sealing them in she cursed the world, cutting it off from the most of the flow of pure essence. Without that it struggled to create new life and as their wars continued, the world quickly became a desolate place. It is now known as the First Hell. The people their became twisted and warped without the influx of pure essence their bodies were accustomed to and became the first demons.

The Third Age – Age of Rebirth

After a time the people again grew restless of life in the safe confines of the Garden and so the All-Mother reopened the portals but demanded that each group the departed have an equal mix of the nine races. Again the people spread across the world, each group forming cultures and traditions of their own. Eventually, the groups formed civilisations that spanned the continent and again war started between them.

The Avatar War

The gods again become embroiled in the war and one of the strongest gods, known today only as the Betrayer realised that whilst he could not step foot on the world, he could create an avatar in the world and give it most of his powers. Again the world was wrecked and ravaged as avatar’s strode its surface. The All-Father appealed to the gods to restrain themselves, but was himself attacked by a force of demons freed from Hell and led by the Betrayer. The All-Father, unwilling to use the full force of his powers for fear of the havoc it would wreck on the world, retreated from the world, sustaining numerous wounds in the process.
The All-Mother was livid. She smote entire armies of demons with a glance. The three worlds trembled at her fury, old mountains fell and new lands rose. Reaching out with a spectral hand that could be seen across the Divine Space, the All-Mother grasped the entirety of the Betrayer and cast him from existence. So complete was her rage that not only was he destroyed, but all references to his name be they written or in creature’s minds were lost.
The All-Mother forbade further direct involvement in the world by any with more than the merest spark of divinity within them. Even godlings and demigods could no longer walk the world or directly work their powers there. If they wanted to accomplish anything within the world they would have to convince mortals to do it for them. She allowed them to flow their powers through mortals, but with the inherent fragility of a mortal body they were limited to the merest glimmer of their former abilities.

The Fourth Age – Age of Mortals

The current age started with the mortals re-establishing contact with their gods and forging a new set of civilisations and cultures. They have again covered much of the continent, though large sections remain unpopulated. Kingdoms tend to be smaller and less cohesive without the day-to-day intervention of the gods and whilst conflict is common in this age and touches the lives of many, it is smaller in scale and upheavals of the landscape are fading into the stuff of legends.
The age has lasted far longer than the previous ones and has seen mankind develop new technologies rather than rely on their gods for everything. People have even discovered means to cross the seas and reach a second continent, though settlement has only just begun there.


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