Rin Ajo

Typical Height: 160 ± 10 cm (female); 175 ± 10 cm (male)
Typical Weight: 55 ± 10 Kg (female); 65 ± 10 Kg (male)

The Rin Ajo are a slim people of average height. They originated on the steppes.
Rin Ajo gestation period is roughly 30 weeks, but after giving birth a Rin Ajo woman is unable to conceive for roughly five years. Twins and other multiple births are exceedingly rare.

The patron deity of the Rin Ajo is Ikengu the Peace-Bringer, Goddess of Charisma.

Trait Modifiers: +10 Focus, +5 Nerves, -5 Charisma

Rin Ajo

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