Whitecliff is a campaign I’m aiming to start in mid-2015. It’s a fantasy game using a light homebrew system. The homebrew system will be based on the Amethyst system I’m currently writing, but will be fairly freeform outside of combat and the arcane arts.

The game will be a mixture of political drama, city building, and exploration with a dash of epic, world-changing quest for good measure.

Whitecliff is a small village built alongside a river in the shadow of the cliffs that give it its name. It’s populated by a range of characters who were saved at the moment of their death by an enigmatic divine figure who offered them a choice – return to their world and die their natural death, ending their existence. Or, agree to fulfil a mission for the gods and be granted a second chance at life but without the hope of seeing their family again.

Your world, your family, your life is all gone. Your gods feel more distant than ever before. Magic feels different. It’s clear that things have changed. A temple stands near the river, it seems to be hundreds of years old and yet was in perfect shape when the first settlers arrived. The bloodied ruins of a nearby camp suggest that the current crop of settlers weren’t the first. Who brought you here and why? What happened to the other settlers? Will it come for you?

More pressing than those questions is how is the village going to feed itself? Where are people going to sleep, the temple is already over-crowded and new settlers keep arriving. Can you learn about the world quickly enough to avoid the fate of the earlier settlers?

What you know (or think you know) about the world can be found here.

Initial Player Characters

The initial crop of player characters will have to meet a bunch of requirements as a group. See here for full details.