Typical Height: 170 ± 10 cm (male and female)
Typical Weight: 70 ± 10 Kg (male and female)

The Banja are of average height, but slightly bulky. The extra bulk is mostly fat and is distributed evenly across their body. There is no systemic size discrepancy between men and women, including in breast size. Banja tend to live for 70 years, reaching puberty around 12 years old and finishing growing around 20 years old. They have flat, round faces. Banja are also notable for their extensive body hair. It covers most of their body, though not the sexual organs, fingers, palms, or soles. It is also sparser on their faces, particularly around the mouth and nose. The hair is equally present on both males and females. Most Banja hair reaches a length of about 2 to 5 cm and stops growing, though some families have hair that reaches up to 20 cm long. Hair on an individual Banja tends to be the same length across their body.
Banja tend to have larger families. Multiple birth is common, with only 20% of births being of a single child. 60% are of two children and 15% of three. 5% are of four or more. Despite the frequency of multiple births, identical twins are uncommon. The gestation period is 40 to 44 weeks. A full-term Banja baby typically weighs 3 Kg and is 30 cm. Banja men and women both produce milk and can do so at any time after puberty if in regular contact with Banja babies. It is common in many Banja cultures for all members of an extended family or village to feed all children within the group.

The patron deity of the Banja is Banjado the Beastslayer, God of Strength

Trait Modifiers: Intelligence +10, Charisma +5, Nerves -5


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