Before time was started, the Creators forged the planes and the realms and where they met they created the Divine Space. Within this space they created the Living World, the Fey Lands, and the Shadowscape. At the instant they set time in motion they created the All-Mother, giving her dominion over all of the Divine Space and charging her with a sacred mission.

To aid her in her task, she created the six Forces – The Builder Queen, The Scholar King, The Raging Storm, The Huntress, Shadowlord, and Judgesinger. The Forces were given great powers though none possess but a fraction of the All-Mother’s might.

As time progressed she created many deities to assist her and she gave the Forces the power to do likewise. Though the deities were themselves given mighty powers, even the twenty most powerful would struggle to stand for more than a few moments against the weakest of the Forces. The most important of the deities the All-Mother created was the All-Father. Together the All-Mother and All-Father created the 9 Great Races and for each race created a deity to guide them.

The Forces

The Patrons

Greater Deities

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Dead Gods


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