Initial Player Characters

This page is out of date. Please ignore it for the time being.

Please note that the below requirements are still a work in progress and thus are subject to change. I particularly expect the group requirements section to grow.

Individual Requirements

Your character may be from any fantasy world where technology doesn’t exceed the typical D&D medieval style capabilities – so pre-gunpowder. Characters do not need to be from an adventuring background – in fact, you may find it very advantageous to have some less exotic skills like normal trades. Characters should have some ability to lead and should not be purely followers. Characters may not be evil, greatly dislike people / civilisation, or otherwise be likely to be a predominately disruptive influence to the village – if your character does end up like this, then they’ll no longer be suitable to be a PC and will have to be written out of the story or become an NPC). Note that this doesn’t mean they need to be gregarious or particularly sociable. You can play a quiet character or one with a gruff demeanour, just not one who is exclusively so. You may play nearly any typical fantasy race that’s roughly as powerful as a human. If you want to play something unusual, check with me first. You cannot play a race that is partly connected to a plane of existence of its world (e.g. tieflings, celestials, etc.). You may play a spellcaster (arcane or divine), but note that you will (at first at least) lose all of these abilities when arriving at Whitecliff. It’s a different universe with a different planar structure. Magic and divinity work differently and your character will have to relearn things. That said, mages and the like will likely be able to learn more quickly than those who have never studied before – though it will depend somewhat on the world that you come from and how magic works there. All that said, it offers some awesome roleplaying opportunities to play a character who has lost their magic or their god.

When initially thinking of your character, you must discuss it with me – before you write any major life events for your character’s history. I have a selection of story hooks / histories I want included amongst the PCs and will hand them out to people either before they start creating, after they have an initial concept, or during a discussion about them.

Group Requirements

The following skills must be present across the player group:

  • linguistics – the group will need to be able to translate foreign languages they’ve never encountered before.
  • herbalism / medicine – medical knowledge of a non-magical nature will be essential to your survival in the early game.
  • combat skills – I don’t expect the game to be especially heavy in combat. But there will most definitely be combat. If at least some of you can’t fight, things will likely go badly for you all.

At least one character must be:

  • an arcane magic user

The following skills may be very helpful to have, but aren’t essential:

  • Animal Handling
  • Building Trades – carpentry, blacksmithing, baking, butchery
  • Nature / Survival skills

Initial Player Characters

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